Interview with Becky Rogers of Training Think Tank

We've got another awesome interview this week!  This time, I interview Becky Rogers of Training Think Tank.  Becky primarily coaches female athletes who train for CrossFit, strength, and also just for life!  Becky is known for coaching females who have hormonal dysfunction and also pre and postnatal athletes. 

Some topics include Becky's background and working with Training Think Tank, differences between training males vs. females, assessing female athletes, exercise selection for pre and post natal programs, training for hormonal imbalance, and we even dive into some female masters training best practices.    

I have to apologize for those who notice a slight blip in our audio as I've been using a new Skype recorder that forced me to cut the audio and restart every 5 minutes...Not annoying or anything ;)

Give our interview a listen and let us know if you have any questions.  We will gladly bring Becky back for more questions.  She is a powerhouse of training knowledge!