Forming a Habit; 3 Easy Steps

Well, now that we’ve spilled the beans that we are having another baby, I’d like to give you some insight into what life is like now with my next couple of blog posts.  I’ve wanted to share so many things over the past twelve weeks, but have had to hold my tongue because we weren’t quite ready to share the news just yet.

I did drop a couple of hints on my Instagram stories and snapchat, but probably not enough to make any sense of it 😉

Let’s get to the meat and potatoes (thinking about that kind of makes me nauseous, actually) of today’s post.  I’ve had to do some restructuring of my own priorities and habits in order to do this whole work, pregnancy, and momming thing.  I wanted to share my tips to creating and forming a habit.  Specifically, a ‘fitness’ habit.

1) Do movement that you LOVE.  I’ve probably been asked over 1,000 times by people over the years - what I think about ‘this type of fitness’ or ‘that type of fitness’….  Should I be doing this?  What if I do that?  What should I REALLY be doing? (Which I rarely give my honest opinion about anyway…)  Maybe I should change programs?  Program hoppers are THE WORST!  GIRL.  I can’t answer these questions for you.  In return, I’ll simply ask you, “Do you LOVE it?”  If you LOVE it, do it.  If you don’t love it, don’t do it.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t think you should try new things (or avoid things that are HARD), because I think trying new things is crucial to figuring out what you actually do love.  And sometimes we need to do hard things to learn more about ourselves.  But, at the end of the day, you have to find something that you enjoy.  The details of the exercise selection and energy system modality are not as important as the fact that you DID it (and maybe enjoyed yourself, too!).

For me, I’ve decided that there are a few things I LOVE doing at the moment.  First, let me tell you what I don’t love right now: CrossFit, Metcons, HIIT, or anything that requires me to breathe or jump around…. For those of you who’ve had babies, you understand that the absolute first thing to go in pregnancy is the ability to just breathe through workouts.  Baby is like, OH HI, I’M 5 WEEKS OLD let me take all of your oxygen.  Gee, thanks!

So, lifting it is.  Nothing too crazy, but lifting in general feels good for me right now and I do love it.  I know that mentally I can take another day of lifting.  If you told me I had to go running tomorrow, I’d make up excuses why I couldn’t…  Point being, figure out what you LOVE so you can find the joy and energy it takes to put in the time. 

2) Challenge someone to do it with you.  I normally do ROMWOD each night before bed, but lately its been boring and I wanted to add in some more yoga poses.  I’ve challenged by husband and best friend to do a 30 day yoga challenge with me each night.  It’s like 20 minutes or less, so I don’t even know if it counts.  But, its something and its hitting new areas that ROMWOD was not, which is super cool.  I text my homies when I’ve completed it, and they do the same to me when they’ve done it, too!  I know most nights I contemplate skipping the yoga because I’m so exhausted (and bloated, and cranky LOL), but just knowing that I’ve challenged them gives me enough motivation to press play and stumble along…

3) Rest enough so that you feel excited to get back to training.  I think this is HUGE and completely overlooked!  Often times, we feel that we are lacking the motivation or the will to stick to anything.  We start a fitness program going ALL IN or 100 miles per hour and - I’m sure you’ve experienced this at some point – you end up tanking sooner rather than later.  I would argue that YOU ARE DOING TOO MUCH for you, you haven’t given your body enough time to recover, and JUST SLOW DOWN, SUSIE!

I don’t think we are inherently born without enough motivation or will to do our workouts.  I think at some point we decide to IGNORE our bodies telling us what they need.  Everyone’s body, life, and stress situations are so independent.  What makes one mom glow and thrive could set another mom into adrenal fatigue and hormonal depletion.  That might mean you thrive on two workouts per week, or maybe one, or maybe six.  I don’t know the answer, but if you listen to YOUR body, it will let you know the correct answer.

I think the key is recognizing when your body has had a good dose of training “stress” and then DO NOT go back to the gym until you’re excited.  Yes.  STAY HOME UNTIL YOU ARE EXCITED!  I promise you’ll be fine.  Everyone will still love you.  And you might just get….stronger, better!

I haven’t experienced much under-recovery this pregnancy because I feel like my coach and I have got my training dialed in pretty well at this point.  I’ve learned this lesson the hard way, many times before.  That, and I’ve been into the quick 10-20 min afternoon nap lately when the toddler naps.  Naps are totally underrated and I’m not sure why all companies don’t give their employees a quick afternoon siesta?!  I think productivity would be through the roof if we could just give everyone a quick little restore session.  Naps + smart training have allowed me to continue my training ‘habit’.

Postpartum Specific Rest: As far as rest goes for core & pelvic floor, I make sure that from training session to training session I’m not feeling any pelvic heaviness, pain, leaking, abdominal discomfort, or back pain.  If I’m not feeling right, I will skip my workout and instead layer in specific core and pelvic floor exercises to help restore full function (strength & full relaxation) of my core.  I would not LOVE working out if I were feeling postpartum symptoms, in pain, or if I wasn’t giving my core & pelvic floor enough time to recover from these training sessions.

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That’s about all for today – do what you love, challenge someone to do it with you, and REST!  Let us know if you have success implementing this strategy.  We would love to hear your success stories and any other ideas for forming lasting habits.

Happy Lifting!