Lifter Highlight - Brenda

Maybe you’ve picked up on my recent posts, but I’ve been working on a little side project with my friend, Renee.  My first project is just keeping my baby alive full time.  My second project is StrongMoms Barbell Club.  We are helping moms get strong with weightlifting - mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I’ve written programming as my full time gig for the past 8 years, but nothing has felt as great as being able to write a program tailored towards postpartum women.  After having a baby, I have a very passionate appreciation for the specific needs of weightlifters who have also had babies.  It changes everything.  It really does!

A couple of months ago, Renee and I launched a pilot test group of nine moms around the country to beta test our programming.   

And my mom wanted in.  So of course I let her!

Hopefully she won’t get too mad at me for sharing, but can I just say SHE IS KILLING IT.  We have a private Facebook group for the lifters and she is consistently posting her videos and her lifts have improved so much.  

Previously, she had a lot of pain in her elbows, wrists, shoulder, and knee.  While we always do some form of traditional olympic lifting, the program also addresses structural imbalances and critical postnatal core work.  I think the combination has been helpful for her to stay injury free and continue to make progress on her lifts.

I can honestly say that I am SO DARN PROUD of my mom!  So fun to see her enjoying her training and getting stronger with other moms around the country.  That’s really what this is all about...