Why I Choose to be Mindful

Hi there - your StrongMoms Yoga Instructor here, Marissa!

Mindful meditation plays a big part of my daily routine. When you suffer from anxiety- like me- I was always in an anxiety ridden state. Now when I feel anxious- I literally take 5 minutes and recenter and ground myself. I’m more conscious of my body- my mind and what I consume daily (be it food or other people’s energy). I want to be present for my daughter- and I want to be calm.

I actually had someone comment the other day while my daughter was having a meltdown... “Are you always this calm?” While we all have our days- 95% of the time I am. I find that my energy and focus helps my daughter have the same demeanor- if I’m agitated she is more prone to being crabby and if I’m calm- she is calm. 

You are probably asking yourself what is mindful mediation? And why is this crazy yogi talking about the benefits she has experienced... I want to know MORE!

Well you are in luck... mindful mediation is what allows us to be present in the exact moment we are practicing it. It allows for us to be present in the moment.. which in today’s society can be incredibly challenging. By sitting down for a few minutes a day we can hone in on the skills we often leave on the back burner. We are actually able to focus on any task that is thrown in front of us. There aren't any “I wish statements”.  Instead, we are able to focus on what needs to be done to get there. In the practice of mindful mediation we focus on the body, breath and mind. By actively engaging those three things- we can create an environment for ourselves where anything is possible.

Which is why as a mom.. I practice it frequently. I put down my to do list and hone in on this skill set. And I am constantly expanding the skill set to open myself up to even more wonderful experiences that I often take for granted.

This is why I choose to be mindful.


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