3 Ways to Create "Time" for Mom

Ahhh, the notorious discussion about having enough time for “mom”.  For yourself.  What does that even mean?  I recently had an expectations discussion (more on that later) with my husband and he told me, “You need to take care of yourself!”  Our family cannot thrive unless mom is happy… (I’m sure some of you can relate).

I thought about it for a long time.  Kept coming back to it throughout the past couple of days.  My thoughts kept circling around 1) How to I create this time to take care of myself? And 2) What does taking care of myself actually mean?

Everyone’s definition of self care is going to be different.  Priorities are going to be different and ever changing.  However, for me, one consistent is that I need to train.  I need to feel my body move through ranges of motion.  I need to struggle, overcome, and recover.  If only for 20 minutes (and sometimes I need at least two hours...).  I know that after this “training time” my body and mind will be clear again and I can go along with my duties for the rest of the day, or night.  

I struggle to create this time, it is hard, some days feel great and others feel like total shit, but I know it is a necessity for me.

I talk about making time for training today, but I really think that you can substitute any of your priorities for the word “training”, based on your self care needs.

Do I have time to “train”?  Yes, and here is how:

  1. Think Unconventionally.  When we think about workouts, we tend to think about one hour long sessions, with perfect warm ups, workouts, and cool downs.  We want them done in the morning or according to when our cortisol peaks for the day.  We want them done X number of times per week, at X intensity, X duration, etc.  Well, the reality is….this is likely NEVER going to happen again in your life (or at least until your kids go to college).  And that is FINE.  Training sessions can be done at ANY time of day for ANY length of time.  They do not NEED to include warm ups and cool downs to be effective.  Most of the time, I jump right into my workout and end before its actually done…. And that is still a training session, a win.  They don’t always happen at the perfect time.  Sometimes 5AM, sometimes nap time, sometimes with baby, sometimes late at night once baby goes to sleep.  That is all FINE.  It just needs to happen CONSISTENTLY.  I remember when Thor was a few months old and my husband was traveling for work Monday - Thursday.  I knew he’d be home Friday - Sunday, so I got in three workouts each week at that point in time.  One on Friday, one Saturday, and one on Sunday because I knew I had someone to watch the baby, if only for 30 minutes between cluster breastfeeding.  In the past, I probably would have thought this to be a training failure, but now I see that it was a huge success and an integral part in my postnatal recovery.

  2. Schedule Appointments.  I had a coach in the past (Nick Fowler - great & smart coach!!! Check him out on Insta @thenickfowler) recommend that I block out my calendar for my training sessions.  I’ve been doing it ever since.  I know that recently Coach Renee has been playing around with this as well.  With running children around and running multiple businesses, we often find it hard to actually do a training session unless it is scheduled.  I find that if it is in my schedule, it is way more likely to get done….and in turn, I feel SO MUCH BETTER!  How is this any less important than any other appointment you have to schedule?  In my opinion, it is the most important appointment you can schedule for yourself.  How can you be present for the kids if you aren’t taking care of yourself first?  I know I just cannot ‘mom’ unless this is the case.  Not guilty about it either.  It just is.

  3. Gyms with Childcare or Pairing up with Moms who have kids the same age.  Once Thor got a little older, I started pairing up my workouts with other moms who had babies around the same ages.  It was a great strategy because not only did I gain a workout partner, but our babies got a play date as well!  I just invited them over.  Didn’t care how clean or dirty my house was.  Moms do NOT care about that shit - they want what you want - a nice workout, time with other like minded moms, and some time outside the house.  We did as much childproofing as possible so we weren’t constantly having to watch the babies while we trained.  It wasn’t always easy, but we were always so happy with our training at the end of the day.  Recently, we’ve been traveling so I’ve had to improvise.  I found that finding gyms with childcare (like the YMCA) can be just the ticket.  Yes, my baby is the annoying one crying the whole time, but to me that’s super motivating to just get the training session started, pound it out, sweat like hell, then go save him and head home!!!   

These are just my personal suggestions when it comes to making time.  What are some other ways you can create some “time” for yourself?  If we find ourselves running out of time to do the things we love, how can we navigate these challenges and situations positively? We are here to help create solutions with you.  Shout out and let us know!