StrongMoms Approved 18.3

14 min TIME CAP:

My initial reaction to Castro’s announcement was HELL YEAH!  I have to admit (maybe I am the only one?) that Double Unders, Overhead Squats, and Muscle Ups were pretty much my all time favorite movements before I had Thor.  Pre-baby I would have been all pumped to crank this one out.  Especially since the elite athletes didn’t even finish it.  To me, that just means you do what you can and put everything out there.  Leave it up to the universe and hope you did enough training going in.  Love this type of workout.

That being said, I cannot recommend these exact movements for our prenatal and newly postnatal ladies.  Or for that matter someone who has diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, low back pain, or pelvic floor dysfunction.    

First, let’s tackle the Double Under.  Did I just launch a guide called ‘When We (Wee)’ specifically to help people not pee during lifting, jumping, running?  YES!  I did.  I’m not a fan.  Its not normal and doesn’t need to happen.  I think being in the middle of the open isn’t the greatest time to try and fix this (although it doesn’t hurt to try), but we should then make modifications so that leaking is not happening.  I’d like prenatal/postnatal to sub a step up if that feels good on low back or a kettlebell swing instead.  This also goes for our prolapse moms.  Jumping isn’t ideal, even if it is singles.  It’s still high impact and going to create unnecessary downward pressure on internal organs and pelvic floor in a less than controlled state.

**50 Step ups or 50 Russian KBS**

Second, Overhead Squat.  I think overhead squats can be extremely therapeutic both pre and post-natal, given the mom has the range of motion and ability to breathe through the squat.  If that’s the case, choose a weight that you know you can do over and over and over again.  Focus on breathing through the movement and perfect execution of your technique.  Align ankles with shoulders and bar, keep eye gaze straight ahead and go….

**20 Overhead Squats**

Third, Muscle Ups.  Naw, not ideal, sorry!  This one is kind of out of the question.  I can’t help but think about the doming of your rectus abdominus or the intense pressure to the pelvic floor for those with prolapse.  If you can do a jumping pull up without coning in your abdomen, do that!  If not, let’s shoot for elevated push ups or a DB strict press.  Just remember to engage your core & pelvic floor FIRST!

**12 Jumping Pull Ups or 12 DB Strict Press or Elevated Push Up**

Fourth, Dumbbell Snatch.  Yep – I think this one is doable as long as your choosing a weight that you can lift while breathing through the movement.  No breath holding allowed!

**20 DB Snatches at a reasonable weight…**

Fifth, Bar Muscle Up.  Nope, see Muscle Up.  Let’s pick a sub. How about more jumping pull ups or strict presses?

**12 Jumping Pull Ups or 12 DB Strict Press or Elevated Push Up**

Super excited to hear from you moms and moms-to-be giving this one a shot.  Let us know if you use our modifications and how it goes for you!  Shoot us questions if you have them.  I’ll just be over here dreaming about the glory days……