We offer two programs that are completely Do-It-Yourself.  These programs do not include online coaching, but are always available to purchase on our website.  Purchase, download, and DO!  Demo videos included.

When We (Wee)

This is a brief mom's guide to reclaiming core and pelvic floor health & function.  This is a starting grounds to learning how to connect your breath to your core, including both strengthening and relaxation techniques.  These exercises are programmed to help those who are specifically struggling with incontinence, low back pain, pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, and diastasis recti.  The goal upon finishing this program is to learn the foundation to apply these concepts to other parts of your daily life and during lifting, CrossFit, Yoga, etc...

When We (Wee)

Rev It Up

Hit the ground running!  Warm-up with exercises to learn how to engage core & pelvic floor, train foundational movements (strength-based) to build a solid platform, and begin improving aerobic capacity (safe conditioning).  This program is intended for someone who has taken a period of time off from training (like the postpartum period!) and is looking to get back into exercise safely.  This program is key for postpartum moms getting back to the gym!  Four week long duration.

Rev It Up SMBC Program