Minimum Requirements

In order for you to be as successful as possible in your journey as a mom with lifting, there are some basic requirements that you must meet before starting the program.  Please read below to learn more.


You are at least 6-8 months postpartum (or one year, ideally).

Before beginning this strength program, ideally you'd have completed consistent strength training for at least 8-12 weeks postpartum previously.  This should NOT be your first day back at the gym, not even close!

We also recommend that you've had some previous exposure to the lifts themselves.  That might look like some instruction through some basic CrossFit classes or Olympic lifting instruction through a certified coach.  Additionally, if you have access to a coach who can give you some on the spot technique feedback while you are training, that would be ideal.

You have gotten the "All Clear" from your Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Has your pelvic floor physical therapist told you that you are 'all clear' for lifting, running, jumping and the like postpartum?

If so, great!  If not, please seek out a qualified women's health physical therapist before beginning this program.  

We are looking for no signs of pelvic or back pain during or after exercise, no incontinence with lifting, no pelvic organ prolapse (or at least a well managed prolapse), the Diastasis Recti has 'healed' or has good tension.  We need your pelvic floor to be functioning well for you to get the best results from this program. 

Want to make sure this is the right program for you?  Schedule a free 10 minute Skype call with one of our coaches to get all of your questions answered.  Request via E-mail