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Individual Program Design

This is Cori’s exclusive coaching package.  Get 100% custom and personalized coaching based on your individual needs and goals, no matter where you live!  Meet weekly (via Skype, 30 minutes) and receive your daily or weekly programming via e-mail.  Feedback also given via video analysis.  Two spots opening in
January 2019! 


Online Group Programs


DIY Online Programs




Initial Consult with Cori

Start here!  Are you thinking about working with Cori online or in person at Brave Enough CrossFit?  In this 30 minute meeting (Skype or In-Person), we will discuss your goals, lifestyle, and what you are looking to accomplish in your prenatal and postnatal journey.


Initial Prenatal or Postnatal Assessment

In this hands-on assessment (done in person only), Cori will take you through a physical movement analysis along with necessary testing to develop a long term plan for your health and fitness.  The assessment will include Diastasis Recti tracking (if applicable), detailed upper, lower body, and core assessment, and a brief energy systems testing assessment.  An initial assessment is required for those who wish to do Prenatal or Postnatal Personal Training with Cori.   Book now!

1. Complete Application to Work with Cori
2. Complete Online Assessment & Consultation Intake


“CrossFit Moms” Prenatal/Postnatal Group Class

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Prenatal & Postnatal Training

If you are expecting or recently had a baby, having a personalized fitness program can be extremely helpful and efficient to help you reach your goals, stay healthy, and hopefully prevent injury (during pregnancy) and help heal (postpartum) challenges your body might be facing.  Your specific program will be tailored to your unique needs based off your assessment and how your body responds to training.  To get started with personal training, schedule a consult or initial assessment with Cori. 


Partnership with Beyond the Box Nutrition

We take a very simple and balanced approach to making true lifestyle changes with nutrition, making sure you get the fuel your body needs to perform at the gym and in everyday life, while teaching healthy habits moving forward. We have partnered with Beyond the Box Nutrition for all of your nutrition needs. Mention StrongMoms Barbell Club and receive exclusive discounts for nutrition services! 


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