StrongMoms Yoga

StrongMoms Yoga aims to help moms at various stages in their life connect their mind, body and spirit.

What does it mean to connect mind, body, and spirit?


If the body needs healing, the mind and spirit might be the reason.  Because of this, we focus on healing the mind and spirit to help heal the body. In Yoga, we believe it is a triangle. By practicing yoga, we can focus on all three aspects in an effort to keep them all balanced on a daily basis.


As athletes and moms, we often allow our thoughts to get in the way of our actions; be it competition, parenting, or whatever else might be top of mind that day. We sometimes allow for anxiety to take over. If we can focus on turning our senses inward via meditation and mindfulness (aka yoga), we are sometimes more capable of getting our minds out of the way.  This allows us to act without hesitation!


Yoga can allow for us to breathe when we are in a high stress environment, anger ridden, or grumpy because we have missed our workout.  If we can do some back bends or side stretching, we can bring energy to our minds.  If we practice some inversions, we can also quiet our minds.  While working on our minds, yoga has a double effect by also benefiting our bodies.

We felt compelled to create this program in effort to make yoga accessible for all beings (but especially MOMS!). 


At StrongMoms, we believe that as moms, we need to keep ourselves grounded.

Grounded can have a multitude of meanings to different individuals. In yoga and in Yogi Marissa’s beliefs, ideally we can connect ourselves back with the earth, whether we are in child’s pose or tree pose, by rooting ourselves down, and keeping ourselves balanced. It is easy to be reactive in today’s world.  Using yoga, we can balance our overall state in order to keep that fight or flight feeling at bay.  We can use yoga to learn to ground ourselves and keep our lives balanced.


We also believe we need to be open, bendable, mobile, and be able to live and thrive in full ranges of motion.  Not to mention, decrease tightness that comes with aging and postpartum specifically.  Have you tried touching your toes lately?  How come it feels SO different than it did five or ten years ago?  A lot has happened since having a baby and we aim to help you improve your quality of life with our yoga.


As moms ourselves, we KNOW what areas can be extremely tight and painful.  We understand what can limit range of motion and cause pain.  We don’t want pain being a reason to keep you OUT of the gym! 

Our Yoga compliments our StrongMoms physical training programs as our coaches work together during creation.


Moms in this program experience more flexibility and strength in their bodies, more mindfulness, and the ability to ease anxieties and relax. In today’s fast paced world we are exposed to so much sensory stimulation, that we often take for granted our own breath.

Our goal is to RECONNECT you with your own breath!  In focusing on breath with movement, we can make significant mind and body shifts.

These potent yoga pathways are something that no one should miss out on. Not only is this work good for us, but our families directly benefit from our personal practice.

This program wouldn’t be the best fit for someone looking for core yoga or power yoga (think --- a million sun salutations, crunches, boat poses, pilates-based programs).  Our program is by no means EASY, however, it has a particular flow to it and is designed to be practiced by all beings.  It is also safe if you are working with postnatal symptoms such as diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, or back pain.

Yogi Marissa is available through email to answer questions and aid you in your new yoga journey. At StrongMoms, we generally check our emails once a day during the week- and silence email on the weekends.


Meet Your Instructor!

Hi Everyone, I am Marissa- your Strong Mom’s Barbell Club Yoga Instructor. I wanted to take a walk down memory lane for a minute or two and share my recent yoga journey with you. Although- I have been practicing on and off for year these last 2 years have really brought me to where I am today. 

2 years ago:

I was in the very beginning of my pregnancy (with my daughter) and quite miserable with sciatic nerve pain. I could barely walk and we had just moved to Kansas City. It was rough. I found a wonderful chiropractor who got my pregnancy body in alignment but encouraged me to try out prenatal yoga. After a few classes- I realized I could practice at home and I watched a lot of at home yoga videos. I felt it fit my crazy schedule as a photographer much better than trekking to the gym or to the yoga studio. I firmly believe between chiropractic care and yoga it my all the difference in the world in my delivery. 

After having my daughter in January of 2017 I struggled with some postpartum anxiety (PPA). There was so much change in my life that it was really hard for me to cope. I found this wonderful Mommy and Me yoga program and I fell in love with it. It was like my entire yoga journey led me to that moment. I hardly missed a class- unless my daughter was sick or I was off traveling to a wedding or to see my family. Still in the back of my mind yoga was always there. This practice not only offered me some new friends ( remember I’m a newbie to the KC area) but it offered me a set of skills to cope with my PPA. After a few months- I started searching for a yoga teacher training. I felt that if Yoga could help me thru my first few months as a new mother- why couldn’t I help share what I learned with similar moms in my shoes. I found a few in the Kansas City area but the one that landed in my lap was thru Yoga Liberty and Shiva Rae’s Samudra Global School of Living Yoga. It was the perfect fit- not only was it close to my house but it was where I found yoga for everyone. Thru my Prana Vinyasa Teacher Training I learned how to make yoga accessible for all people- and my dream of teaching moms, kids and their families yoga is coming true as I write this. 


I currently practice yoga daily and if I miss a day- I know. No matter if I get in 5 minutes for a full 75/90 minute practice I savor every moment.  Being the mom to a 1 year old has made my yoga time even more important and I know my practice is beneficial for my daughter too.  I hope to encourage her to be mindful and utilize yoga in her daily life too. 


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